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Our 142nd Year

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About Us

Who We Are

The Grange is, and has long been, the strongest sustained organizational force working effectively towards attaining a good and full life for all citizens of rural America.

A Brief History

The Grange was formed on December 4, 1867.  It was originally founded on the teachings of agriculture and was the first organization to give women an equal vote with men (in 1867).  New Hampshire’s first Grange was organized in Exeter in 1873.  There are now over 75 Granges across the state.   

The legacy of the Grange affects your everyday life.  Over the last century the Grange has lobbied local, state, and federal government agencies for issues important to communities and individuals.  The results of these activities have noticeably impacted the American experience from the youngest child to the largest corporations. 

Granges were the warehouse-buying clubs of the nineteenth century.  Their influence grew into a nonpartisan political lobby that worked to create laws now known as Granger Laws that are still important in anti-trust litigations today.  The Grange is credited for the Rural Free Delivery program of the United States Post Office. Grangers consider education important to the advancement of society and created local libraries to store and share books.  Many of these early libraries have become the community public libraries of today. 

In New Hampshire, the Grange was active in lobbying for a State Police Force.   Agricultural Stations established by New Hampshire Granges evolved into what is today the University System of New Hampshire. 

Before cars, telephones, running water, or even electricity, Grangers were fighting for the rights of rural citizens. 

The Here and Now

Today, Grange membership has been extended beyond its farm community roots to include individuals from all walks of life interested in rural concerns.

The Grange is learning to adapt traditional values of the farm, family and community to the needs of an evolving modern society.  This has created a social community service organization dedicated to a better quality of life based on the values that made America great. 

Grange lessons are just as important today as ever.  Rural families enjoy a purpose in life that teaches dignity, industriousness and constructive attitudes towards others.  All can find something to enjoy in the Grange. 

The Grange encourages everyone to enjoy good in their labor, help the needy, protect children and animals, and care for the sick and elderly. 

 Although the Grange is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization, we are involved in promoting legislation, which will enhance the lives of those who live in our communities.  Believing that when we band together we can make a better world, we support stewardship of the earth, good schools and a better and more wholesome living for all of us.

The Grange is America’s Family Fraternity.  To anyone who is interested in education, legislation, Social welfare recreation and having meaning and purpose in life, we welcome you to the Grange.

Junior Grange

Believing that the future of the nation depends on the training of its children, the Junior Grange is open to children between the ages of five and fourteen. 

Community (Subordinate) Grange

This unit is built around the community admitting men, women, and youth over the age of 14 equally. 

County (Pomona) Grange

Subordinate Granges in a given district group together on roughly a county basis into Pomona Granges. 

State Grange

The State Grange is composed of Community and County members from across New Hampshire. 

National Grange

This is the parent branch of the order, which speaks with authority and understanding for rural issues in America. 

Programs Available to Members

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