"In Essentials, Unity; In Non-Essentials, Liberty; In All Things, Charity"
  • Juniors at 2022 Session

    Working on Halloween Craft

  • Juniors at 2022 Session
    More crafting Juniors

  • Juniors attending 2022 Session
    The juniors join delegates and members conducting the business of the Grange.

  • Juniors attending 2022 Session
    Sitting with Dad working on some drawings.

  • Juniors decorating pumpkins at 2022 Session
    Doing our best work and making pretty pumpkins.


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Junior Director's Report

New Hampshire State Junior Grange
2021 State Session Report

Worthy State Master, Distinguished Guests, State Officers, Delegates and Patrons all,

Our State Junior Grange is still going strong. We have currently 23 on the books, according to our State Secretary, and have heard of applications to be coming in soon. Do you have children or grandchildren that would benefit from Junior Grange? Our numbers must keep growing so we can assist our Subordinate Granges. Missing the meetings with the children, I put together a packet for each Junior and mailed each separate so they would have some mail for Christmas and Valentines day. It included crafts, a word search and a coloring page. These will be our future Subordinate, Pomona and State officers if we work with them, and teach them more about the Grange. My theme for 2022 is “Be Kind and Share with Friends”. National Junior Theme is “Cultivating Connections”

Junior rally to be held Feb 13 in Hooksett had to be canceled due to Covid-19 and hoping to be able to attend bowling in March we were able to have 14 Juniors joining adults bowling. Juniors and friends had a great day! Knowing that gardening is something that is with family, I put together peat discs, cups, seeds and many pages of when to plant what seed inside and outside. I forgot my sample Marigold pot that was just popping out of the soil to show how fast it starts. There is a photo of it this fall after planting it in with my tomatoes for you to see how it grew. I hope children will share with me their results. Bowling winners were ages 4-9 - Connor Scanzani, Ages 10-12 - Seth Clark and Ages 13-15 - Trevor Clark, congratulations to all. June 12 we held the Junior Fun Day with everyone bringing a bag lunch. We made pinecone foxes, Christmas ornaments, having a nature scavenger hunt and trying to blow the largest bubbles.

When writing my Granite State Granger articles as the year went on, I included ideas of activities that parents can do with their children. No entry in the Big E Junior craft contest this year from New Hampshire and the Northeast Juniors. The Junior Department had no Stratham Fair but we did a Deerfield display this year and a copy of the photo is in our display.

We have two Juniors Graduating this year. Christopher Morgan of Rockingham Grange who has now been elected to Assistant Steward, and William Huntoon of Blazing Star Grange. I hope they will both continue on in their grange. Congratulations!

In closing, I want to thank our Worthy State Master, Bob Trombi, for all his support with the Junior activities this year. Of course, parents, grandparents and grangers are an important part of our program as without them, we could not travel and attend Junior activities or even grow new Youth and our future. I hope you go the extra mile and bring in Junior Grangers. If your grange is having trouble getting 7 members at a meeting these juniors can count as attending but can’t vote. You can make a difference today, tomorrow and always.

Fraternally submitted,
Joann Brandt
Junior Director